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Meeting ID: 990 4632 8833
Passcode: 660371

The Meeting will be held Wednesday, September 30 at 12:00.

About the YWCA Thompson

For nearly 45 years, we have been making a positive difference by promoting a strong presence of women, by improving economic situations for individuals, by equipping individuals to make informed choices, and by making Thompson a safe community for women and children.

The YWCA of Thompson is a registered non-profit charitable organization first incorporated in 1970 as a medical receiving home for northern women and children. In the 1980s, in response to a growing need, we began offering education and life skills training for  adults re-entering the workforce. We continued to offer short-term residence for women and children. In 2007, we revised our policy to allow men the opportunity to find shelter within its residence.

Today, our Residence/Hostel provides both daily and long-term accommodations to those who require safe housing and hostel living. We continue to offer programs for both men and women, to expand their education and life skills training. Our most recent venture was to open the Y’s Women’s Centre to assist women and their children and girls.


A world where women and girls are equal, safe, empowered and valued.


To achieve equality for all women and girls in northern Manitoba and beyond, through advocacy, innovative programming and dynamic leadership.

And to eliminate barriers that prevent equity-seeking groups from reaching their full potential.


             We believe in:

Fairness and equality for all women and girls;

Honouring and respecting differences and diversity;

Empowering people to achieve their potential;

Women and girls that live free from violence;

The importance of women's perspectives in shaping society's direction;

The bond of women and girls worldwide through their struggle for equity and equality;

Promoting overall well-being of individuals, families and communities;

                 Supporting women in their right to inspire and direct their own lives;

Acknowledging the historic and ongoing injustices of Indigenous peoples and the commitment to the work of redress and reconciliation;

Creating leaders through mentorship and recognition; 

Working collaboratively through community partnerships;

Innovation and responsiveness in addressing service gaps in the community; and

Accountability, transparency and conducting ourselves with integrity. 


1. Advancing fundamental rights and freedoms;

2. Maximizing organizational impact;

3. Realizing women's and girls' leadership potential; and

4. Eliminating violence against women and girls and safety and security for all.

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